Winner, Winner, Litson Dinner: Papa Pi, #BakaNaman Campaign Winners Share a Mukbang Livestream with Piolo Pascual 🍴

February 16, 2023 | 5 mins read

Ever dreamed of talking to Piolo Pascual? Well, thanks to Kumu’s partnership with Andok’s, two lucky Kumunity Buzz Campaign winners shared an intimate and exclusive livestream with Papa Pi himself last February 3, 2023. Piolo Pascual was joined by one of our resident volleybelles, Rosemarie Vargas (@rosevargas), and the proud founder of the DG Squad team (@dgsquad), Johnwen. The two had the opportunity to host their own Q&A with Piolo Pascual, and share stories and kilig moments all while enjoying their litson baka meals throughout the stream. 

This unique livestream experience was held on the @campaignsofficial Kumu channel, as part of the Kumunity Buzz campaign prizes for the Papa Pi, #BakaNaman Top 2 Campaign Joiners. The campaign was held last year from December 15 to 21 as a part of Kumu’s roster of Kumu Kringle: 12 Gifts of Christmas. Other winners received litson baka gift certificates to enjoy with friends and family. 

Andok’s marketing manager, Ms. Tayts Avanzado, also joined the stream to share their team’s excitement about the special Kumu partnership. She mentioned the brand’s love for their customers powered them through even the toughest times during the pandemic. Andok’s even introduced a new and now iconic product during the pandemic: their tasty litson baka. 

When asked how the winners choose to enjoy their litson baka, Johnwen shares his recommended sawsawan is either pure vinegar or sweet & spicy sauce, while Rose swears by the spicy sauce to give it that extra kick. Andok’s (@pusongandoks) also relaunched some classic products, like their Dokito burger. On top of these, having Piolo Pascual as the Andok’s brand ambassador further endeared them to customers and loyal fans. 

Having won GCs for Andok’s Litson Baka, Johnwen and Rose proudly showed off their Andok’s litson baka meals, ready for their on-stream mukbang with Piolo Pascual, leaving the viewers craving for some Andok’s for themselves. 

Once Piolo entered the stream, joined by Ms. Moi Bien, he was greeted with floods of Andok’s Virtual Gifts, hearts, and messages from viewers in the comments section. 

As they all enjoyed their meals on-stream, Johnwen and Rose had the opportunity to ask Piolo questions about his life as an artist. Piolo shared how his life off-screen doesn’t differ much from life on screen. Rose also asked Piolo whether or not he was content with his career. Piolo, the positive persona that he is, responded that it was a matter of perspective. Despite being happy where he is, there are still many things he wants to try like being on stage.

When asked about their campaign experience, both Rose and Johnwen expressed their gratitude to their families and supporters for helping them reach the top spots in the campaign. “Thank you Lord dahil pinalad ako maging number one. Syempre, bonus na rin na nakasama namin si Papa P. Hindi lang for me yung napanalunan ko– nai-share ko rin sa teammates ko and sa family ko,” said Rose.

Rose’s kilig was evident all throughout the stream, but everything was well worth it after she was able to personally invite Piolo Pascual to watch one of her upcoming volleyball matches. Johnwen and Blessy even graciously left the stream for a bit so Rose and Piolo could take a photo of just the two of them. To end the night, Rose and Johnwen took turns in announcing the lucky raffle winners for Andok’s GCs sharing the love with even more Kumu users. Check out our highlight video below to relive the kilig! 


Overall, the campaign partnership was a huge success. The Papa Pi #BakaNaman campaign garnered over 1,330 campaign joiners, 7,800+ stream hours, 2,300 active gifters, and 1,170,000 million impressions through its custom Virtual Gifts, and concluded with the mukbang livestream hitting over 5,000 total live views.

The whole campaign experience is a testament to all the once-in-a-lifetime prizes you stand to win by joining a campaign on Kumu. If these campaign prizes intrigued you, stay tuned for campaigns that will be launched this February. 

Win e-vouchers to some of your favorite food brands for date nights, or have a spicy Valentine’s livestream experience in the hot seat with Boys Night Out. Get a glimpse of the special prizes you can share with loved ones, or treat yourself to! You deserve a little extra love this month! 

  • E-Learning vouchers for K-12 & ESL Tutoring from
  • Digital magazine cover, fashion film & article feature (with full glam included of course!) with Parcinq Magazine & Creative Director Rxandy Capinpin 
  • Gift Certificates to DAKS Shawarma, Mr. Mediterranean, 24/7 Wings, 24/7 Eats, Bird Beast, prizes from Durex, a special livestream experience and Meet & Greet dinner with Boys Night Out 
  • Gift Certificates to Foodee Global Concepts well-loved restaurants like Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan, Kam’s Roast and Hawker Chan, along with #1 Frozen Yogurt llaollao, POUND Flatterie, Bench Cafe, Sunnies Cafe and MESA.

And more to come! 

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