#Chimanda Love Team: Here’s what PBB alums Amanda Zamora and Chico Alicaya have to say about winning the “LoveTeam” kumu Campaign

July 30, 2021 | 4 mins read

Earlier this week, it was confirmed with much fanfare that former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemates Amanda Zamora (@amandazamora.) and Chico Alicaya (@chico.alicaya) have officially won the “LoveTeam Stream” kumu Campaign, making them the third love team to guest-feature in Cathy Garcia-Molina’s upcoming movie, “Love At First Stream”. As a love team, Amanda and Chico are dubbed the “Chimanda”, and– no surprise!–they are already a Kumunity favorite. 


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The Chimanda love team will be making a special appearance in the Star Cinema x kumu movie “Love At First Stream”, an exciting partnership that is the first of its kind in Philippine cinema history. Chimanda will be featured alongside the lead loveteams  KaoRhys—comprised of Kaori Oinuma and Rhys Miguel, and DanThony—comprised of Daniela Stranner and Anthony Jennings.

Raking in 116 million diamonds in total, the Kumunizens have spoken loud and clear with their support for Chimanda. Amanda and Chico are no strangers to kumu, both were housemates in the “Pinoy Big Brother: Connect” season, which was done in partnership with kumu. Amanda herself was a one of the #PBBKumunect Housemates, special housemates voted-in to the Bahay Ni Kuya through kumu. Needless to say, the Kumunity already had a soft-spot for the duo. 

“We feel blessed to be able to win the “LoveTeam” campaign, and [we’re] thankful for our supporters, who helped us make this possible!” says Amanda. To which, Chico adds with excitement: “Sobrang saya. It’s our dream kasi to be in a movie, or teleserye. So it’s really na we got this opportunity talaga.” 

As a love team, Chimanda was actually conceptualized by their fans online. Chico explains, “I think nagsimula talaga [ang Chimanda] sa pagkatapos ng PBB. Parang na biglaan talaga kami na may Chimanda na!”


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It was actually Chimanda fans that made their entertainment partnership a reality, and we can see that it’s clearly reaping in opportunities now. “We were unaware that we were being shipped already in the outside world, until we saw videos of us once we got our phones!” says Amanda. “Then we started hanging out after PBB, and [we] started getting guestings and projects together.” 

Truly, when you got the Kumunity and the fans’ support, big things happen. As for what they are most looking forward to, both Amanda and Chico express how they are going all out to make this their movie moment. “I’am looking forward to being directed by Direk Cathy, and also to learn how to act and interact with everyone on the set.”, says Amanda. “I’m excited because it’s my first movie project with Chico, and for sure it will be a fun learning experience for us.” 


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