Thank you, MOM! “Mommy Squad” hosts #kumuMOMents concert at the Kumunity Stage

May 26, 2021 | 4 mins read

As the month of May draws to a close, we want to uphold the spirit of #kumuMOMents towards the rest of the year; after all, momma’s love knows no seasons, and extends throughout a lifetime. This May 29th,  at 8:30pm the Kumunity Stage will be hosting a special concert with “Mommy Squad”, featuring guest appearances with famous Kumunity moms, surprise giveaways and other heart-warming performances, all in ode to the power of mothers’ love. 

Lead by the Mommy Troopers power-trio, Say Alonzo (@sayalonzo), Melissa Ricks (@mellyricks), and Ara Mina (@aramina), the “Mommy Squad” special episode is guaranteed to have the casual, banter-filled chit-chat, but with more surprises for the family-loving audiences. “Moms deserve everything in the world and more, because moms are heroes!” remarks Say, actress and proud mother of two. Having this one special night, where moms can just sit-back, relax and enjoy is a much deserved tribute, especially given how tough the past year has been. “Now that we are in this pandemic and we can’t see each other physically, it would be nice to make the moms happy in our own little way through this concert.”

Adding to this insight, Ara points out that a mom’s work and love is often behind-the-scenes; it’s so easy for us to overlook their influence in our growth. She explains, “Our mother is the most important person in our lives; they put in their all to help us hone our skills, and mold our personalities. It is just right to celebrate, and make our mothers feel special. This is our time to remember the importance and significance of mom in our lives.

The Kumunity whole-heartedly agrees, which is why we highly encourage and uplift many amazing moms who make waves in the app, in the hopes that more moms would also join. Because, who wouldn’t want fun, yet nurturing content-creators around? Yes moms, you too can find your tribe in kumu. Here’s what The Mommy Squad has to say about it: 


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“Download the app!!” urges Melissa, speaking from experience. “At first, I was hesitant, baka mamaya pang bagets lang, right? Nako, I absolutely love and enjoy it. You can learn so much and gain so many new friends. And I super love the crowd! Everyone is so fun and accommodating! I really encourage fellow moms to try kumu, and spread the word!! Come join us on kumu!” 

“Go go go! Download kumu na!” adds Say, encouraging fellow moms to join in. “No matter how old you are, you are surely going to enjoy kumu! There is always something for everyone! My mom who is 63 years-old has kumu, and she enjoys it. Kaya mga Mommy Troopers, let’s go na, maki join nasa kumu. See you there!” 


The “Mommy Squad” (@mommysquad) is a fun, casual and cool space for mommies of all ages, with regular streaming every Saturday 8:30pm! Tune in to the special episode of “Mommy Squad” at the @kumunitystage in the kumu app, on May 29th, 8:30pm. 

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