3 years na tayo! Kumunity wraps up anniversary month with a special concert

August 26, 2021 | 3 mins read

This Friday, August 27th, the Kumunity will light up with gratitude, as the app celebrates 3 years of kumu with a special concert. It is a heart-warming tribute to all the amazing talents, streamers, users and gifters—basically every Kumunizen! The event will be held at the special account @3yearswithkumu, and will begin at 8PM PHT, featuring some familiar streaming talents. All virtual gifts and diamonds earned in this stream will also be donated to our partner advocacies.

August is a special month for everyone at kumu, as it is dubbed the anniversary year and Karlito’s birthday. Throughout this month, the team has been quietly, yet sincerely expressing their gratitude to Kumunizens. Under the hashtag #NokumuWithoutU, the Kumunity has aimed to spread the message of gratitude, appreciation and praise for our collective growth in the past 3 years. 

“The inspiration and motivation for this concert is the people streaming, and the people behind this kumu success within 3 years from its humble beginnings.” says Mark A. Federigan (@madsonmac), Head of Relations Department in kumu. “We would like to say thank you to everyone that believes and stayed in the app. With the tagline, “3 years na tayo “, together we’re stronger, together we are one.” 


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While 3 years is not really such a long time, the journey itself has been exciting, with many twists and turns, but also notable growth for kumu. Mark recalls the gradual increase of Kumunizens finding their way in the app, “From friends of friends, to most of the streamers that we made friends with. We created a safe place for everyone to share their passion, talents and, individuality through the kumu app.” These friends, of course, are all unique in their content. 

To date, the Kumunity prides itself in the diversity of its content creators, not just from their country of residence (from Philippines, to different continents!), but also in specialty; we have entertainers and educators, famous celebrities, gamers, artists, musicians, intuitive healers and so much more! There is truly plenty to celebrate within the Kumunity. 

And so, we hope to see all of you stop by the special concert, to share the spirit of thanks and appreciation. 

The “3 Years Na Tayo!” special concert will be held at the official @3yearsofkumu account, beginning at 8PM PHT. At the end of the concert, all diamonds and cash value will be given to kumu’s partner organizations, advocacies and charities. 


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