#NokumuWithoutU: Kumunity shares their gratitude for kumu’s 3rd Anniversary

August 12, 2021 | 11 mins read

August always marks a special occasion for us at kumu. It’s our anniversary, and Karlito’s birthday! With 3 wonderful years under our records, the Kumunity has undergone a whirlwind of growth and innovations. Together, we’ve accomplished record-breaking feats; not only have we created an internationally-acclaimed online platform, we’ve created a positive, authentic space where anyone from anywhere can feel welcome. 

This year, we say there is #NokumuWithoutU, because really, we owe this growth to all of the fabulous Kumunizens. Here’s what members of the Kumunity have to say about what they are grateful for. 


Kimpoy Feliciano

“Thank you so much kumu! We are so grateful for all the opportunities you opened for us. Continue to support, inspire and change the lives of everyone in the Kumunity,” influencer and kumu streamer Kimpoy (@kimpoyfeliciano) happily exclaims. “Proudly Pinoy!”

Celebrating his stint as a streamer in the app for almost a year now, the fan favorite credits kumu for giving him the chance to form deeper relationships with his followers. “The Kumunity is one big family and I’m grateful to be part of it,” he adds.

One day, he says, he Kimpoy dreams of actually meeting everyone he met through kumu. “Hopefully, we all get to gather and celebrate all our successes made possible by kumu! Until then, we can all hangout and keep each other entertained, one stream at a time,” he beams.




There are three words that describe rapper and kumu streamer Loonie’s (@loonieverse) kumu journey—fun, meaningful, and purposeful. “kumu helps the music industry serve its purpose to bring people together, to make the difficult days bearable, and to simply pause when life gets too challenging,” he shares.

“I’m eternally grateful to kumu for being an avenue for people to get together amidst the risky outside world we are in right now,” Loonie says. “Thank you for surviving this pandemic with me, Kumunity! Kapit lang!”

 And there’s more to look forward to, as he has cooked up more plans for his avid followers. “We have a lot of exciting hip-hop events in kumu this year. I have my anniversary concert in September and the much-awaited Sunugan Rap Battle Finals. We are also cooking major virtual parties before the year ends,” the rapper points out. “Everyone should not miss that!”



Jerry Amac

“Thank you, kumu, for making a world full of positivity and where everyone is welcome and free to be themselves,” long-time streamer Jerry (@jiriamac) says. “Thank you for having an environment where no one is left behind.”

 He describes discovering kumu as a “blessing”, stating how it’s not only a way for him to earn income, but that it’s also a platform where negativity is set aside. Thus, his longevity as a streamer in the app—where he gets to connect with a lot of people, and luckily, was able to meet the love of his life who was once just his number one fan in the streaming world.

 “Truly blessed to be part of kumu, as it helped me boost my confidence and appreciate everything I have. For every virtual gift that they send to me, it means I gave them happiness even for a short period of time, and it fulfills me as a streamer,” Jerry notes. And though he’s been here for a while, there’s so much more to explore in kumu—and he’s here to stay for all of it.



Faye Protacio 

“In my four months’ time with kumu, my journey with them was so far unbelievable,” blogger and kumu streamer Faye (@amaraxmari) relates. Unbelievable in a way that they made connections and families possible in the middle of this pandemic.”

She has nothing else but appreciation towards such a fun and tight community that she’s able to build and connect with through the app. “I would like to express my token of gratitude for giving me a new path to discover and look forward to everyday,” she muses. As Faye continues her journey with kumu, she looks forward to exploring more activities that will continue to allow her to inspire and share some light and love towards everyone within the Kumunity.


Apryll Kaye Pasia

Avid kumu user and streamer Apryll (@apryllpasia) has nothing but words of praise for the app. “It’s been an amazing experience for me. This platform has helped me a lot to adjust and build a new circle of friends, find new opportunities, and discover my hidden talents,” she says.

Almost two years in the app, she considers her time in the app as a blessing. “Thank you Lord because you blessed the people behind kumu with amazing, inspiring, and creative minds to build an application that produces a lot of opportunities for artists all over the world,” the streamer shares. In the future, Apryll looks forward to discovering new talents in kumu, as well as having more opportunities for more artists to be noticed.



Marlo Mortel

“Thank you KUMU for being a source of love and enlightenment,” artist and kumu streamer Marlo (@marlomortelmusic) says. “My kumu journey has been amazing. I met a lot of amazing people that have helped me grow as a person.”

Apart from all the priceless connections he’s able to obtain, he’s also grateful for the shared experiences that were all made possible through streaming in kumu. Pointing out how the “exchange of love” and “feeling of connectedness” that we need thrived especially during the pandemic, Marlo is appreciative that he found an app where he can offer as well as receive this much-needed boost. And, of course, in the future, “I’m looking forward to more memorable moments,” he adds.



Mafae Yunon-Belasco, Regional Head of kumu Australia

“Salamat to the kumu founders, who made a vision so real that the whole world is now connected on an app!” says Mafae (@mafaeb), pointing out how kumu has been a great safe-space for everyone during challenging times. “To be able to celebrate life with everyone all over the world and inspire others is the true blessing.” 

As the pageant director of @kumuglobalpageants as well, Mafae is in awe of the Kumunity’s passion for advocacy. “I am very grateful for individuals who have the same mission to unite, empower and build authentic relationships, at the same time giving back.” She’s looking forward to more innovations in the future, as kumu expands its regional presence all across the globe. 



Deja Ferguson of kumu USA 

“I just want to thank everyone I’ve met on kumu, through the good and the bad!” says Deja (@its.dejie.official), founder of Team Blizzard. “Because ultimately it’s helped me grow as a person.” Looking back in the years, she explains, it’s been an “eye-opening” journey for her in kumu, “Considering I am a non-Filipino streamer, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been introduced to a lot culture-wise.” 

Deja adds, “I am most grateful for the friends and family I’ve made, as well as the opportunities I’ve received through my time here.” Like every avid Kumunizen, she’s eager to see the app grow further into the coming years, allowing for more people to meet and connect with. 



Dominique Alvarillo of kumu Europe

“[kumu and the Kumunity] can only get better from here!” says Dominique (@filiswissed), who is based in Switzerland. As an international Filipino, Dominique has effectively utilized the app to authentically connect with fellow Pinoys and content-creators all over the world, and this is a game-changer for her. “This is what I like most about kumu. Despite the distance, we’re able to make meaningful relationships, and [we’re able to] enjoy our time in each other’s streams. I learn a lot from other people, from their experiences shared with viewers. I’m also happy to add value by sharing my knowledge and skills [in the app], to help others develop theirs, too.

Dominique is especially grateful for how kumu became an avenue for people to expand their knowledge and learn new skills; there’s more than entertainment here, there is personal growth and expansion. “Without the Kumunizens, there wouldn’t be a need to stream.”, she says. “We prepare our content not for ourselves, but for the Kumunity who may benefit from what we have to share.” 

With such an impressive growth in the past few years, Dominique reckons the next few years will be similarly exciting. “A lot can happen in such a short amount of time”, she says. “kumu’s progress will be shooting for the stars! I am really excited to see the surprises in store.” 



Belang from Team Paolita

“Thank you kumu for being a platform where people meet unexpectedly!” says Belang, a representative of Team Paolita (@teampaolita). At kumu, people start as strangers, then friends, then to virtual families. “Team Paolita will always be grateful for all the support, not only from our members but to everyone in the Kumunity.”

Although Team Paolita was only established in October 2020, thanks to Kimpoy Feliciano’s initiative and Gie Cayetano’s support, the team has had a firm presence in the Kumunity, “It has always been a fun and exciting journey,” comments Belang, “A roller-coaster ride, indeed.” And things are just getting started for them. In the coming months, even years, Team Paolita is looking forward to more events, more streams as the Kumunity grows with more vibrant teams and talents. 


Dion from Team Mayward Flyers

Team Mayward Flyers may be very new, only 3 months in, but in such a short time they have solidified their presence in the app. “We’ve experienced a lot of fun and excitement. It’s a new, but very friendly environment here on kumu.”, says Dion, representing Team Mayward Flyers (@maywardflyersofc). 

When asked what she and the team are most grateful for, Dion gives their honest take: “I am very grateful to have this Kumunity where people can showcase their talent in different fields without being judged.” she says. “It’s a very friendly environment, [and] way too different from other social media platforms.”

Team Mayward Flyers have everything to look forward to in the coming year, as more amazing content is planned, and more chances to be of help to Kumunizens is charted for them. There’s always something to enjoy at kumu. Dion remarks, “Our virtual world became a more interesting, more enjoyable place.” 



Clark Kenneth Taylo from Comedy kumu Team 

“Even though this is just virtual, [the Kumunity] is so vital, especially in this pandemic time!” says Clark, who represents the Comedy kumu Team (@comedykteam). kumu has afforded people an opportunity, he says, “to discover our hidden talents, to make and to give happiness to all Kumunity members.” 

For Clark, the past few years have been “colorful”, with ups and downs, triumphs and learning curves. But through it all, the Kumunity is together. “I have many grateful things for the Kumunity”, he says, counting the ways. “Friends, a second family, and maybe the goal of living in a virtual environment, knowing na nakakapaghatid ka ng saya sa ibang tao.” 

And although Clark has plenty to look forward to in the future, he says that the way things are today is more than enough. “[We] just stay as what we are, giving the best good vibes, no negativities. Not only for us, but for the whole Kumunity.” 


Cheers to 3 years strong, Kumunizens! Once again, from all of us at kumu, THANK YOU! 


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