Watch Nadine Lustre Explain the Story Behind Title Track ‘Wildest Dreams’

December 7, 2020 | 3 mins read

To dream while having a good night’s rest is no stranger to some people, and that includes Nadine Lustre as she talks about one of her dreams that actually led to the creation of her album’s title track, “Wildest Dreams.”


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On the second installment of the Wildest Dreams Video Podcast, Nadine presents another episode on Careless Music Manila’s official kumu page on December 3. Joining her for this episode is a tarot card reader, tattoo artist, and dream guide, Lucia Fischer. 

Stepping into this episode, you’ll see Nadine, Lucia, and host Debbie Then, sitting in front of the camera dressed in their sleeping wardrobe which perfectly captures the theme. 

Dream Interpretation and the Different Types 

When Debbie asked Lucia about how she got into interpreting dreams, she shared that it started when vivid dreams occurred during her younger days, like Nadine. Since then, she took time in figuring out more about it. In terms of the science behind dreams, she referenced the work of Sigmund Freud as he sees dreams to find hidden desires. She also pointed out Carl Jung’s theory on how dreams are conversations of one’s subconscious to their consciousness. 

The discussion also led to the many types of dreams such as daydreaming, regular dreams, healing dreams, and lucid dreaming. For the latter one, Lucia explained that you only get one during a lifetime and Nadine mentioned that she already experienced it. 

One of Nadine’s Wildest Dreams 

One of the vivid dreams Nadine had was during her trip to Sagada in 2017. She started by explaining that she was falling from the sky and landed into a place full of mirrors where she can see her reflection, but can’t seem to get out. She broke a mirror and started falling from the sky again, but found herself in a field full of red flowers this time. She tried to pick one, but when she touched it, the flower turned to gold and died. During the final time she started falling from the sky, she ended up lying down in a place full of snakes surrounding her. Afterward, she tried to calm down. 

Breaking down the interpretation of the dream, Lucia explained that falling three times can mean that Nadine fell into three stages of anxiety. A lot of symbolism were discussed like flowers represented treasure, gold heightened the value of things, mirrors represented the common themes revolving around rebirth and finding one’s self, and a whole lot more was explained.

The meaning behind dreams all ties up to one’s perspective in the waking life or when you’re in a dreaming state. Different aspects may come into play like your environment, manifestations buried deep in your mind, and even otherworldly things. When it comes to Nadine, she took inspiration from that dream and eventually became her album’s title track. 

Whether you’re back for another round or new to this episode, the fun doesn’t end here since this four-part series has a few more episodes to come. Follow Careless Music Manila’s (@carelessph) official kumu page for more updates.


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