Watch Me Bloom: Celebrating Growth on Kumu, All Through May

May 3, 2024 | 3 mins read

Live streaming isn’t easy; compared to other social media apps, you don’t have the “luxury” of curating every part of how you’re presented. But actually, that’s what makes it so beautiful; you come as you are. And Kumu has always been committed to being a platform that encourages self-expression, growth, and authenticity. 

As the month of May commences, Kumu wants to celebrate the different ways we all have grown and transformed this year, under a hashtag #WatchMeBloom. This month-long campaign aims to celebrate streamers and their incredible journeys of overcoming obstacles and blooming into their best, most authentic selves. 

Here’s How You Can Join and Get Featured on Kumu!

If you’re eager to be a part of Kumu’s “Watch Me Bloom” campaign and celebrate the beauty of transformation, here’s how you can get involved:

Embrace Yourself: Recognize and appreciate your own unique qualities and talents. Show us your best and most authentic self in your streams and social media! Use the hashtag #WatchMeBloom and tag @kumuph on Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook so we can share your entries.

Share Your Story: Take advantage of Kumu’s live streaming capabilities and share your personal growth journey with your audience. Use this livestream cover photo or skin and add the title #WatchMeBloom on your streams. Whether it’s through stories, personal reflections, or engaging conversations, let others be inspired by the power of your transformation!

Support Others: Explore Kumu’s vibrant community of streamers and actively engage with their content! Offer words of encouragement, share positive feedback, and support fellow streamers during campaigns. This month, we’re also on the lookout for the first ever Bioessence Babe to win 1 year ambassadorship and unlimited services from Bioessence! Stay tuned for more information. 

Participate in Challenges and Events: This May 12, Kumu will be hosting its first ever Kumu Summer Party where streamers can host, perform, and meet fellow streamers! Want to join the fun? Go to the Campaigns tab to join, and keep an eye out for more campaigns and events throughout the month.

With “Watch Me Bloom,” Kumu is more than just a livestream app; it’s a platform that celebrates individual journeys and collective growth. By joining this movement, you become part of a community that uplifts, encourages, and inspires one another to reach their highest potential.

So, let the month of May be a time of celebration, self-discovery, and undeniable growth. On Kumu, watch yourself and others bloom into their best selves!


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