WATCH: Classic Pinoy game show ‘Pera o Bayong’ returns in app form

March 4, 2020 | 2 mins read

MANILA — It was a question all Filipinos back then wanted the chance to answer — “pera o bayong?”

And now, the fun game show, which began in “Magandang Tanghali Bayan,” is back in app form, thanks to a collaboration between ABS-CBN Regional and Kumu, a Filipino social networking app.

How it works is that every 8 p.m., from Mondays to Fridays, Kumu will begin streaming the digital “Pera o Bayong” show. Contestants, which can be anybody, will then have to go through two rounds.

First is a trivia round where participants will need to answer all 10 questions correctly. Those who do so will get to split the initial cash prize for the day. After doing so (and it was noted that anyone may cash out at this point), one will then be picked among those who chose to remain to move on to the “pera o bayong” stage.

This is where the lucky contestant will have to select one of the three bayongs containing a mystery prize. A bargaining session, much like the original show, will then ensue in exchange for the bayong.

The show will be hosted by DJ Kokoy Martin, one of the hosts of MOR 101.1 Davao, and will be simultaneously aired across select MOR stations nationwide.

The app can be download here.

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