Want That kumu Blue Check? Show Us What You Got At “On The Spot”

March 17, 2021 | 4 mins read

What do women want? More! And they deserve nothing less, especially during this month of empowerment. As the game-changing platform where everyone has a voice, kumu focuses the spotlight this month on deserving women who definitely have something important to say. 

Do you have what it takes to hold the stage and the screen? Join the crew of “On The Spot” (OTS): Blessy (@blessyvillafuerte, Niqs (@niqs), Liorsky (@liorsky), and Omeng (@omengiho). Win them over (as well as their audiences) with your wit and charm. Become a featured streamer and get that coveted blue check!

How to join? Email featured@kumu.ph with your name, kumu username, and a brief about the type of content you usually do on your livestream. Include as well your livestreaming schedule, and your cover photo. Afterwards, wait for the team’s reply and fill up the form.

Once confirmed, join the OTS livestream on March 23, from 12nn to 2pm on the Kumunity Stage (@kumunitystage on kumu) and have your supporters comment with your username for you to get chosen. Once you are picked to become co-host, state your name and your content. Also, show your cover photo that is shown in your profile picture.

The hosts of OTS will give you 1 minute and 30 seconds to wow them with your talents. Then it’s time for the final decision! Karlito will give you a No or a Yes. And if it’s the latter, an email will notify you of the next step of your Kumu Featured journey.

Only a few will be chosen. However, don’t worry! If Karlito says no for now, the team will still get in touch to help you to get that blue check!

So what are the ladies and gents of OTS looking for in their featured livestreamer? “For me, having a proper setup and a good cover photo is a must. Those who will be called should also be prepared and confident!” says Lior, encouraging the many hopefuls to join and tune in on the fun episode. 

But more than just the “aesthetics,” livestreamers are encouraged to let their personalities shine and their passions take center stage– especially when it comes to their content.  

With the thousands already on the kumu platform, livestreamers shouldn’t worry about finding a space in the Kumunity because kumu welcomes all. Everyone, indeed, has something to contribute on the platform and there are audiences just waiting for your. 

For Niqs, “I’m excited to see the girls showcase their talents coz’ kumu has a lot of talented people.” In addition, Omeng says, “I am excited to see those talented women with unique personalities that can wow us and unleash their maximum potential as a livestreamer!” 

As the girls can attest, kumu offers a positive and supportive Kumunity where everyone can grow, share, and hone their talents. In the same way that they have found success and acceptance, this is the same experience they wish to impart on others. 

“I’ve been with kumu for almost 3 years, and I’ve never felt that I don’t belong,” says Blessy. “I’ve always felt like everyone is here to protect me and make me feel safe. And to celebrate women’s month for the second time here, it truly feels special and important. Even if we are celebrating it from a distance (due to the new normal), I can still feel that closeness with everyone thanks to the livestreams.” 

Join now and be discovered! A greater audience awaits!

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