The “Actress Search”: kumu movie “Love At First Stream” is looking for a new cast member

July 23, 2021 | 3 mins read

The Star Cinema and kumu movie “Love At First Stream” has released another kumu Campaign to get more Kumunity talent in on the special collaboration. The “Actress Search” campaign is on the lookout for a female cast member to join the acting troop of “Love At First Stream”, the perfect cinematic opportunity for any aspiring actress in the Kumunity! Open to all female kumu users 18+ years and above, the “Actress Search” campaign will be running from July 23 to July 30th, 2021, with top tier winners actually getting some screen time in the movie. 

As an official kumu Campaign, the “Actress Search” follows standard campaign mechanics, during which streamers must collect the specific virtual gifts assigned to the campaign. Official “Actress Search” virtual gifts are “Clapper”, “Camera”, “Director” and “Actress Search”; only the diamonds from these virtual gifts will be counted in the “Actress Search” leaderboard.  


The “Actress Search” Virtual Gifts

At the end of the campaign period, the streamers with the highest diamond count wins the tier prizes. It is also important to note that all interested contestants must sign the official Consent Form, located in the campaign’s “How To Join” tab. 

For this campaign, the streamer who scores the highest diamond value wins the Tier 1 prize, to officially play the character named “Issa” in the movie “Love At First Stream.” Tier 2 winners will also get the chance to be featured as guest actresses in the Dating Game scene for the movie. And finally, Tier 3 and Tier 4 winners will win some amazing MAC Make-Up products. 

To be helmed by blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Molina, ‘Love at First Stream’ stars today’s rising love teams such as KaoRhys—comprises of Kaori Oinuma and Rhys Miguel—and DanThony—comprises of Daniela Stranner and Anthony Jennings. It will revolve about the new normal, where life is wildly digital. A streamer, a student, a breadwinner and a heartthrob explore love, friendships online to escape their realities online.

During the official partnership announcement, ‘Love at First Stream’ has been described as an interactive project, where audience can participate. “We found a way to make kumu users part of [the movie], says Paolo Pineda, kumu’s Senior Vice President for Business Development. “Not necessarily the big stars, but they can star in the movie, they can sing the song for the movie and a few more things.” It’s all in the grand plan to make this a movie the Kumunity can be proud of. 

The “Actress Search” kumu Campaign is officially open from July 23 to July 30th, 2021. More details can be found in the campaign’s in-app page. Follow the official Star Cinema account (@starcinema) in the app to get more “Love At First Stream” content and updates. Also, be sure to subscribe to all our social media channels for all the latest updates. Follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter now. You can also check out the kumu blog for all the latest happenings in the Kumunity. 



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