Shopkumu Launches The kumu Drop Shop For Exclusive kumu Merchandise

January 13, 2021 | 2 mins read

Kicking off the first month of 2021, kumu’s live e-commerce branch is confirmed to expand its roster with kumu Drop Shop, a shopping segment dedicated to kumu merchandise. Beginning January 14, 2021, the kumuzens can expect a weekly live shopping show as kumu Drop Shop is set to go live on the app. Regular programming is every Thursday, 6-8 pm, with exception to holidays and other disruptions. 

The kumu Drop Shop will feature exclusive kumu merchandise, from shirts, hats, hoodies, masks and so much more. Hosted by KC Montero, the live show will also feature special guests, who are part of the exciting Kumunity. The first live show, set for January 14, 2021, will feature guest James Rumohr, Chief of Kumunity. 


“The kumu Drop Shop products are all homegrown products, ” says KC Montero, highlighting the uniqueness of the kumu merchandise. “They are for kumu, by kumu. There is a lot of pride, there is a sense of family, and there’s a lot of support from the Kumunity. It’s like people are proud to wear the kumu ‘coat-of-arms’, so to speak.”


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In its vision, the kumu Drop Shop is a unique, live show and shopping experience for kumuzens to immerse in the kumu culture. More than just a sale of branded merchandise, it’s for fans to connect with kumu personalities and collaborators, offering a glimpse into the Pinoy livestreaming app’s creative flow. The launch of kumu Drop Shop early into the year forecasts more shopping surprises in the coming months; the Kumunity can certainly expect more style, fashion and artistry to brighten up 2021. 

The kumu Drop Shop can be found under Shopkumu. To keep up with all the latest updates and finds, follow the handle @shopkumuph on Instagram, and Facebook. Plus, check back at the kumu blog for more exciting news on the Kumunity. 

Don’t have the kumu app yet? It’s easy! Download the app at Google Play or the App Store, and join the kumunity! 


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