Ready to kumu Expands to Desktop Viewing and Gaming

December 1, 2020 | 3 mins read

Go LIVE. Watch LIVE. Play LIVE. That is the big news coming to you this December, as kumu launches its desktop streaming site, The website itself is an extension of the livestreaming mobile app, allowing viewers to watch their favorite kumu streams on a bigger screen of their choice. Not only does’s feature allow for more flexible user experience, it also opens the door for other industries and communities to partake in the Kumunity. This is where the new, hotly anticipated kumu gaming comes in. Both and kumu gaming are currently in the beta phase. But as the website evolves in the coming weeks, everyone can expect a full streaming experience, big enough to accommodate gamer streams. 



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“ gives users with access to PC a more enjoyable viewing experience, since they can watch using a stronger machine and bigger screen.”, explains Juan Miguel Joven, Chief Revenue Officer at kumu. According to Joven, the team at kumu are well aware that some app viewers have been using emulators to watch the livestreams on desktop. is meant to address that demand, with greater “user-friendly interface”, he continues. Other than a bigger screen viewing option, users can expect the usual kumu features on, such as commenting on live broadcasts, sending virtual gifts to streamers,  game show participation and more. 


Among the most active desktop livestream users, the Philippine gaming community has had a steady growth in the Kumunity; so, it is with great excitement that kumu seeks to engage with this dynamic industry. “The kumu gaming goal is simple,” explains Joven. “To create an authentic, community-based streaming platform where we can give users the proper environment for gaming, the proper tools for streamer-viewer engagement, and a wide variety of gaming content that users can experience.” 



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More exciting details about the kumu gaming branch will be released throughout December. On a broader perspective, kumu’s two-punch release of and kumu gaming sets the tone for the approaching year, one that is forecasted to be more digitally dynamic. The Pinoy livestreaming app’s consistent expansion, which included Live E-Commerce, the release of short form video application kumu klips, national partner shows like Pinoy Big Brother, and now the desktop streaming plus kumu gaming, happened all within the year 2020. By 2021, online users and viewers can expect more Kumunity-lead content, campaigns and innovations that truly puts the Pinoy first. 


The website is now launched, and viewers can expect to interact, play and earn their perks, just like the mobile app. Stay up to date with all things kumu and kumu gaming by following @kumuph on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or by checking out the latest news on the kumu blog. Don’t have the kumu app yet? No worries, we’ve got the app link here for you to make this download quick. Sama all sa kumu! 


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