Pride, Courage and Love: “TGI-Pride Day” set to dominate the Kumunity Stage

June 23, 2021 | 4 mins read

It’s the grand finale of #kumuPride202! This June 25th, Friday, the Kumunity Stage will be hosting “TGI Pride Day”, the largest virtual Pride Day celebration, starting 7PM. What’s more, kumu is bringing in the best of its LGBTQIA+ talents and thought-leaders for an afternoon of colorful pre-shows, leading up to the main Pride event. 


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This celebration of pride, powered by Durex, will gather the LGBTQIA+ Kumunity and allies for a whole day of self-discovery, acceptance, love, and freedom! This online festival ensures a safe, fun, and inclusive space for everyone, no matter where you identify yourself in the spectrum.

“The LGBTQIA+ has a huge impact on the Kumunity.”, says James Rumhor, Chief of Staff at kumu. It’s no secret that kumu is proud to have many LGBTQIA+ content creators and employees. In fact, they play a huge role in upholding kumu’s core values for inclusivity, authenticity and positivity. “One of our goals in kumu is to ensure that all of the users have a place to express their voice, personality and identity. The LGBTQIA+ community has definitely empowered many users to become more confident, becoming positive fixtures in our Kummunity. 

Kicking off the grand virtual affair is the pre-show afternoon party with talent showcases and learning sessions from members of the Kumunity. The whole showcase is set to inspire and educate people, touching base with topics like SOGIE 101, choosing your self-expression, coming out, and a whole lot more. Expect the appearances of Mark Anthony Bonayon (@markpilipinas), Joshua Mitchell Punzalan (@jmpunzalan), Hera Orteza (@vladimirovna.russiya), Tristan Jerick Reyes (@twistenweyes), and Catalino Basañes (@pbsan). 


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Of course, as the night progresses, louder cheers will be heard as “TGI Pride Day” officially begins in the @kumunitystage. Discover more performances that will nudge one to take that first step towards self-discovery and exploration, with spoken word, song, and dance acts prepared for festival goers. Open yourself to acceptance with the uplifting and upbeat theater showcase. 

Consider yourself at home in kumu, personally welcomed and invited by James Rumohr himself, who is expected to make an appearance at TGI-Pride Day.  Adding to the vibrant celebration are more stage appearances by Doc Eddie and Amanda Pinay of Saranggola, drag performances by your favorite Kuminity KWEENS, and many more surprise guests. 

They say there’s no place like home and it is where your heart is. As we step out of Pride Month, kumu hopes that this event will encourage you to look past the troubles and start resting your heart to where that home is—within yourself, and together with fellow members of the community and allies who are here to support you along the way. 


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“Because representation matters!” comments James, already anticipating the excitement for the celebration. “The kumu family is proud of our LGBTQIA+ community for always being courageous, authentic and real. We will always support and stand hand-in-hand with the LGBTQIA+ community.”


With this, we invite you to color the world in rainbow colors with us. See you at “TGI Pride Day”!


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