Level-Up! The kumu app gets a makeover, featuring klips browsing, 2-seat live streaming, a whole new Shop look–and so much more!

November 11, 2020 | 4 mins read

The Kumunizens have spoken! We’ve compiled some of the top feedback and requests from our users, to fashion this new, upgraded kumu app. 

If you have visited the kumu app recently, you may have noticed that things seem different. So if you’re a little lost, here’s a rundown of all the exciting upgrades on kumu.


A new ‘Home’ look and feed 

When you open the app you will be welcomed by the revamped home page. The familiar ‘Explore’, ‘Play’, ‘Shop’ and ‘Campaigns’ tabs that are usually found at the top of your screen, have been replaced by the tabs ‘Follow’, ‘LIVE’ and ‘Discover’. While adjusting may take awhile, the switch-up will make navigating the kumu app a lot easier.

The ‘Follow’ tab automatically lines-up the updates of your followed friends, shows and streamers. So you can conveniently stay up to date on all your favorite content. 

For those looking to hop on a live session in the now, the ‘LIVE’ tab will lead you to active livestreaming shows recording that very moment. Finally, with the new ‘Discover’ feed you can explore something new, find another favorite streamer and immerse in the creative diversity of kumu. 






Browse and binge klips videos 

Love klips videos? Then this is for you! Adding to the ‘Discover’ feed, users can relax and watch the line-up of quirky kumu klips videos for easy, snackable content. With klips on the ‘Discover’ feed, you can scroll away at your leisure. 














A whole new Shop experience

Shopping in kumu just got better! You can now navigate through market categories: ‘Health & Beauty’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Electronics’, ‘Food’ and ‘Others’ for a more personalized in-app window-shopping. You can also explore new ‘Sellers’ per market category, check out what’s coming ‘Soon’. 













Shop with kumu klips

What happens when you put 2 popular kumu features together? It’s the ‘Shop’ kumu klips! Sellers can now create kumu klips with links to products available for purchase.  All you got to do is swipe and pick your product of choice.




Easy side menu feature 

Keep an eye out for ‘Campaigns and game shows, or search ‘klips’ by hashtags and more with the new side menu. Accessible via the top left corner of the screen, this convenient menu gives you an overview of app-wide events, updates and notifications. 












Co-host with the 2-seat livestream option

For those who love to co-host a session, you and your second-in-command can now get equal screen features with the 2-seat livestream option. 

















Show-off your team badge! 

If you are part of a Kumunity team, your team badge will be proudly displayed on your profile. What better way to spread the word about your cause and group! 

















Improved scrolling down the comments

We love scrolling through viewer comments, so we understand that keeping up with the comment stream is a small convenience with great impact. Keep track of all new comments with the “new comments” feature. It’s these little details that improve user experience. 











At the end of the day, the new and improved kumu app is a labor love. From the creators to the technicians, from loyal users to incoming fans, everyone has their valuable input for the kumu experience. Exciting things are still up ahead for this dynamic Filipino-lead platform; this upgrade is just the beginning.


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