At kumu, we want to ensure that our creators’ hard work pays off; we want to reward your efforts greatly and fairly. That being said, please note as of June 2023, there will be some adjustments to the diamond conversion rate, which may have some effects on existing Gold, Silver and Bronze badgers. In order for you to have a smooth transition, we will offer compensation packages for some affected tiers. If you’re interested to know more about our updated creator program, please contact by sending an email to, or by joining our FB group, Kumu Independent Streamers (Official Group).


1. Why are we doing this compensation?

In light of the recent changes in coin price packages, we wanted to ensure that creators’ earnings are secured, and that these earnings remain fair yet competitive. To show you our appreciation for your hard work we developed a compensation scheme to ease the transition of some users.


2. Who are affected?

Streamers who attained their Bronze, Silver, Gold badges before June 1st, 2023.


3. How can I receive my compensation?

If you are one of the streamers affected by the conversion change, you would receive the first package of compensation on June 1, 2023. This will recur in succeeding weeks, based on diamond earnings and diamonds spent on coin exchange, every Thursday until further announcements are made by Kumu. Our priority at present is for you to have a smooth transition. Compensation will be credited to your wallets based on our compensation calculations.


4. What is the compensation calculation?

First Compensation package (June 1st 2023)=

Streamer’s account diamond balance at 0:00 on June 1st * compensation rate


Subsequent Compensation Package (every Thursday) =

(diamonds received from VGs – diamonds spent on coin exchange) within 7 days from 0:00 last Thursday to 0:00 this Thursday * compensation rate


Compensation Rate

Old – Before June 1st

New – From June 1st

Example: For Bronze Badgers, the compensation rate is:
(53,571.43 / 50000) – 1= 0.0714


Badge Package Diamonds Peso USD
Bronze Old 50000 1000 17.85714286
New 53571.43 1000 17.85714286
Silver Old 50000 1200 21.42857143
New 64285.71 1200 21.42857143
Gold Old 50000 1250 22.32142857
New 66964.29 1250 22.32142857


Exchange rate used: 1 USD = 56 Php

Note: table will update accordingly based on Foreign Exchange Rate


5. How will this affect featured and non-featured streamers?

Good news! You will enjoy a higher cashout rate, from Php 750 for every 50,000 Diamonds, to the new rate of Php 933 for every 50,000 Diamonds.


6. Which streamers are eligible for this Cashout rate?

Creators who do not have an active contract with a talent agency or with Kumu. Please contact your talent agency for further details.