kumu Social TV x Raise Hell: Wear your CRAZY with style

July 1, 2021 | 3 mins read

If you’ve been on the prowl for some unique street-style, then you’re in luck! The kumu Social TV x Raise Hell collection is about to make a splash on kumu Drop Shop (@kumudropshop) this July 1, 6 PM. This limited edition merch is yet another local artist fashion collaboration with kumu, this time featuring the work of Raizel Go, popularly known as “Raise Hell” among street-style fans.


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Known for her unapologetic illustrations, Raizel’s signature art often comes with a pop of eyeballs, skulls, oozy textures and vivid colors. Mixing pop-culture and punk style, the Raise Hell art brand has become a collab favorite among skateboarding fans and street-apparel brands. On top of being an art director and illustrator, Raizel is also the founder of BRKLSS, her own street-style fashion label housing more art and collaborations. 

Last month, Raise Hell also had a special collaboration with kumu Social TV, as they unveiled the new, whacky logo; the kumu Social TV x Raise Hell merch is a natural extension of that partnership. “kumu Social TV is one of the craziest, if not THE craziest creative team out there!”, comments Rico Navarro, Executive Producer & Director for kumu Social TV programs. “So when kumu Social TV fancied a new logo that represented the wild ideas we come up with, [Angelo Mendez, Co-founder and Chief of Content at kumu] immediately thought of Raise Hell! We all knew she was the perfect artist for this!” 

“For the first time, I get to use my low-brow illustration style with a corporate brand!” says Raizel. As a child in the 90’s, she explains, her days spent glued to the TV watching the many bold ads and logos have shaped the art she is known for today. In designing the kumu Social TV x Raise Hell merch, Raizel rendered Karlito in her signature “cartoon style with stylized eyeballs popping” and, “[Karlito] coming out of a mobile device shows the dynamism, fun and excitement of kumu.”


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The kumu Social TV x Raise Hell collection is basically a salute to the hilarious, yet gritty content we immerse ourselves in the app. Graphic shirts, mugs and other accessories bedecked with exclusive art makes this a work-from-home statement piece. 


Excited for the drop? The kumu Social TV x Raise Hell will be exclusively sold at kumu Drop Shop (@kumudropshop), starting July 1, 6PM. Tune in to watch the amazing livestream, and be one of the first to get this swag. 

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