kumu hits all-time high engagement numbers in its latest campaign for RBank Digital

January 15, 2021 | 2 mins read

As a digital pioneer and powerful social media platform, kumu continually seeks ways to offer more to its growing kumunity. Aside from serving as a platform for aspiring talents, kumu also helps its stakeholders and client-partners grow their brand presence, raising awareness for their many initiatives through the leveraging of kumu’s digital channels. As a truly influential force, kumu not only connects brands with their audiences, but also helps them successfully engage with them. 

Recently, kumu collaborated with Robinsons Bank, to launch the latter’s newest banking app, RBank Digital, which promises to make customers’ online banking experience more seamless, convenient, and hassle-free. kumu’s young audiences and livestreamers were just the forward-thinking, digital-savvy market for Robinsons Bank.

For the exciting digital campaign, kumu kicked off with a week-long takeover aimed to help RBank Digital reach its key objectives – to raise awareness about the app’s innovative features, encouraging  the kumunity to download and try the app out for themselves. 

The campaign leveraged kumu’s in-app banner displays, virtual gifts, and livestreamer marketing to reach its initial benchmarks. But by the end of the week, kumu had surpassed all expectations with outstanding results. 

The campaign garnered over 18.4 million impressions – 4.5 million of which came from kumu’s banner display and interstitial ads, while the other 14 million through kumu’s virtual gifts. Leveraging kumu’s livestreamer marketing, the campaign also reached all-time high engagement of 1.4 million. 

In its gameshow and episode brand takeovers – specifically for Spotlight, FYE: Secret Ladies Club, Carlacab Countdown and Quiz Mo Ko – kumu was able to generate almost 2 million audience engagement. During the shows, hosts showcased the unique features of RBank Digital and shared with their audiences the ease of online banking.


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Helping to boost brand awareness for Robinsons Bank, Quiz Mo Ko featured fun games and trivia about RBank Digital and raked in around 115,000 views, while FYE: Secret Ladies Club topped at almost 7,000 views. Additionally, Spotlight: kumu Fam First raked in  6,000 views for the Robinsons Bank brand. To further f support the brand, kumu produced digital interactive content that was tailored fit for each of the show’s unique audiences.

As a digital pioneer, kumu is energized by new projects like Robinsons Bank, and welcomes these new challenges which allow them to step out of their creative comfort zones. 



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