#KeepingItGlokal: These international kumu region heads are nurturing Pinoy talent across the world

July 26, 2021 | 11 mins read

kumu has already brought so much joy, positivity, and entertainment to Filipinos since it launched in 2018, but more than that, it has certainly cemented the fact that Pinoy pride and talent is international! 

Four continents, and at least 8 international regions—this is the powerful footprint of kumu, spreading uniquely Pinoy entertainment to people across the globe. We are global, but at heart, local—ergo, Glokal.

To spread the magic dust of the Kumunity to locations all over the world, kumu has a solid team of Glokal Regional Heads who are leading the way. From beauty queens to special needs teachers, to round-the-clock streamers, these passionate individuals are partially to credit for the exponential growth of kumu internationally, bringing Pinoys across the world closer to home through the power of technology.

Let’s meet these power streamers who are spreading the Pinoy magic, and get to know the different kumu regions that are shaping up to be truly Glokal communities.


Iris Samonte (@irissamonte)

Global Consulate Manager of kumu

Staying on top of the regional consulates and regional managers is this passionate businesswoman and supermom, Iris Samonte. A former “It’s Showtime” dancer on ABS-CBN, Iris has gone through a lot in her life to arrive at where she is now. With all the learning, experience, and passion she has developed over the years, this drive has made her into the kumu Community Global Consulate Manager she is known for today. 

Thanks to her hard work, the kumu Glokal community is stronger by the day, bridging the gap and bringing people closer to their Pinoy heritage. “For me, we are a community of unique and skillful individuals from different parts of the world,  [but] we are closely connected by our Filipino roots with the help of kumu. Although we are in different countries and have our own cultures to share, we always meet in the middle and stay connected to our motherland,” says Iris.

Iris makes sure Kumu stays true to what being a Glokal Pinoy means: bringing your passion and talent to the global stage, while staying true and grateful for the rich roots of the Pinoy culture.



Mafae Yunon-Belasco (@mafaeb)

kumu Australia

A true epitome of beauty, brains, and heart—Mafae Yunon-Belasco is the beauty queen of the batch, using her influence to spread goodness and awareness to those who need it most. Mafae is truly a jack of many trades—an athlete, 2003’s Miss World Philippines, a Personality Development Director and mentor, and the Australasia Country Head for kumu. Moreover, she is harnessing all of these to lobby for mental health awareness across the globe.

“Everything has led me to my passion and calling, which is to strive to become the best version of myself and share that with others. I believe the biggest challenge not just in the Philippines, but in the world, is mental health, so I really want to bring awareness to my region and help empower the youth,” says Mafae.

As of 2021, more than 310,000 Filipino migrants are calling Australia home, and this has become a huge avenue for Mafae to help spread the positive vibes that kumu has to the region. Since kumu is alive and brimming with fun content 24/7, Mafae believes that it’s an overflowing well where Aussies, Kiwis, and Filipino migrants can dip their feet and find happiness. Mafae says, “Life is unlimited if you surround yourself with the right people and resources!”



Glenn Blanco (@kiddo.)

kumu Canada 

By day a flight attendant, by night a kumu streamer. This is Glen Blacno’s life in Canada, where he hopes to bring a piece of home and make some waves of positivity.

As a streamer, Glenn’s specialty are lifestyle topics and co-hosting. He is also a singer, and would frequently entertain his viewers with his soothing voice. It’s been 17 years since his family moved to Canada, and now, he is rooting for the many talents in Canada, who are finally discovering kumu as an avenue for them to excel in their fields and shine. Streaming has become a way of life for Glenn, and he believes kumu presents such an amazing platform to showcase one’s creativity and advance one’s career.

Canada’s strength is it is such a diverse country, plus with the abundance of Filipinos in Canada, we have started to really celebrate Filipino roots in the country. We love to celebrate our Filipino heritage as we miss home, and kumu makes it possible to experience home away from home,” says Glenn. 



Kevin Jason (@kevinjasonx)

kumu Middle East

Dubbed as the “Tito Boy Abunda of kumu,” Kevin Jason has made so much strides in turning his passion for special needs into a Glokal movement. 

Before he flew to the US in 2018 to work as a Language Arts Instructor for people with cognitive developmental disabilities, Kevin spent most of his time as a professional teacher and advocate of Special Needs Education and Inclusive Education for all. In 2020, he finally set foot in Dubai to fulfill his dream of becoming a behavior therapist and SEN teacher. And in between his life as a therapist and teacher, Kevin is a streamer working with the biggest names in Philippine entertainment such as Em David, Ces Drilon, and even the King of Talk himself, Boy Abunda.

Kevin says that despite the common misconceptions about Arabic countries, it was love at first sight for him when he stepped foot in the Middle East. In fact, the region has a vibrant streaming community, filled to the brim with world-class singers, dancers, comedy hosts, and DJs.

“kumu Middle East is a very diverse region with a lot of talented and extraordinary streamers! We are all passionate with what we do and we make sure that everybody’s welcome regardless of where they’re from,” says Kevin. “The vision of kumu Middle East is for us to showcase world-class talents through the kumu platform, and to promote and produce globally competitive streamers while maintaining the Filipino heart in all the shows we produce.”



Khamae Dacayo (@khakhass)

kumu Europe

Khamae’s migrant story is similar to many others. Her OFW parents decided to bring the family to France for better education and better opportunities in life, enabling Khamae to pursue an accounting degree at Lycee Marie Curie school. Putting to good use her financial knowledge, she took on the role of chief finance officer of Tech for Filipino Youth, a volunteer organization of millennial and Gen-Z Filipinos from all over the world, dedicated to raising awareness and support for the less fortunate by providing them with the tools they need for their education.

In between school and her volunteer work, Khamae holds educational streams on kumu to teach French lessons and hold storytelling sessions on true crime stories.

Although Europe is miles away, the Pinoy heart remains strong in the region. “Our European streamers love sharing their knowledge, passion, and talent on kumu. Most of our streamers have been living in their region for a long time, but I can proudly claim that they whole-heartedly embrace their Filipino culture. I want kumu Europe to be an approachable Kumunity where everyone feels like they’re appreciated and belong within it,” says Khamae. 


Dessa Kisley Hipolito (@missbtcramps)

kumu USA

The United States is already teeming with talented and passionate Pinoys, that’s why it’s no surprise that it’s also home to a strong Kumunity. 

Dessa Kisley Hipolito, who lives in California and works as a quality assurance manager for a clinical research organization, says that kumu has become such a big avenue, not just for her, but for many Fil-Ams to be creative and express themselves. In her stream, you’ll find musical content and engaging talk shows that tell the lives of artists in the Philippines and immigrants in California. kumu USA, on the other hand, is home to a range of colorful individuals—from Fil-Am chefs to world-renowned DJs and singers.

For Dessa, kumu USA already feels home for many. She says, “Our goal for kumu USA is to introduce Filipino culture and values to everyone by connecting with individuals back home in the Philippines to the world. We want to give a platform for everyone to be themselves and create their own identity through creativity and self-expression.”



Patrick Nicholas Pil Rizarri (@patrickrizarri)

kumu Hong Kong

Patrick grew up traveling the world. His mom was an inflight service manager and his dad was a touring Asian Tennis Circuit player, so home has always been here and there and everywhere. But when he discovered kumu, “I know I found a new home,” he says. “Sharing stories with people from all around the globe, showcasing talents, adventures, and dare I say, even finding love; anything is possible on this amazing platform.”

As a radio and TV personality, a voice actor, and streamer, his streams are filled with so much exciting content. There are DJ shows, stories about his powerlifting journey, his love for comic books and food, and even sneakers! And much like his colorful and diverse hobbies, Hong Kong is also home to such a diverse and multicultural crowd. 

“Hong Kong is beautiful. You get to fall in love with the culture, the language, the food, and the millions of people you see every day,” says Patrick. “I believe that kumu Hong Kong has so much to offer, and with our various shows airing on the channel, and the fun games and exciting challenges—we are merely scratching the surface.”



Russel Riley Austria (@bayanihan20)

kumu Thailand

Thailand is slowly becoming closer and closer to the Philippines, thanks to the flourishing fanbase of Thai actors locally. Because of this, many people are now looking at Thailand more than just a destination, but also a place to call home.

For Russel who has been living in Thailand for the past 12 years, his goal now is to bring his two homes—Thailand and the Philippines—closer together. He is doing this through his hardworking streams, which goes live on kumu on 9 timeslots throughout the day. Talk about dedication!

kumu Thailand is just starting, but it’s poised to keep growing thanks to support from Filipino migrants and Thai locals. Russel teases, “kumu Thailand is different from all others when it comes to our future content. We will be showing off a different taste of livestreams that we believe other regions have never done before, so Glokal Kumunity, get ready!”



Hiroshi Ito (@hirocarlo)
kumu Japan

Even Japan, one of the most sophisticated and busiest countries in the world, would benefit so much from some chill streams. With Hiroshi Ito leading the Japanese Kumunity, Filipinos who are studying, working, or have migrated permanently to the country will have a small space to call home in the platform.

Born from a Japanese father and a Filipino mother, Hiroshi has lived in Japan all his life. But this doesn’t make him any less Pinoy, saying, “We are proud to be Pinoy wherever we are, wherever we go. His forte are DIY streams, hosting, and gaming streams, which are steadily growing in the kumu app.

“Japan is known as one of the busiest countries in the world, so I want to use kumu to become a stress reliever for those who are here,” says Hiroshi. With a bit of fun, gaming, and a Filipino twist to their shows, the Japanese Kumunity is gearing to grow their reach and touch base with the Pinoys at heart all over Japan.


With such impressive global presence, it’s safe to say that the Kumunity is one big #glokal family, and we want to keep it that way. So if you, or someone you know is feeling homesick abroad, or perhaps just wants to connect back to their Pinoy heritage, kumu is always there to give you that Pinoy spark. Where ever you are in the world, keep in touch with kumu. Tara na! 


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