UPDATED: Introducing New Kumu Coin Packages + Kumu.live and GTS Link Sales Coins & Bonus Coin Crediting 🌟

May 29, 2023 | 3 mins read

Kumunizens, thank you for helping us grow! 🌱

That’s why we want to continuously improve your experience in the Kumunity 💙

To meet this goal, we will introduce new price packages for kumu coins, effective June 2023.

Don’t worry! Increasing our coin prices would still give you more gifting power–since we will also reduce the prices of our virtual gifts so you can still send more to the streamers you support!


UPDATED: June 13, 2023

Increased kumu.live and GTS Link Sales Coins & Bonus Coin Crediting


Why are we increasing the coins per package?

We heard the user feedback after our price increase and we want to give the Kumunity more value on their purchases. 


Which channels will see an increase in coins per package?

Most coin packages on kumu.live will see an increase in coins per purchase and all GTS packages will have more coins. 


When will this take effect? 

June 13, 2023 at 9PM PHT.


Which users are eligible for the additional coins to be credited?

All those who purchased new coin packages (i.e. packages after the June 1 price increase) on kumu.live or via GTS link sales up to June 13, 2023 9PM PHT are eligible.


How will the additional coins be given out? 

No manual claiming needed– coins will be given out automatically and will be credited directly to the users’ accounts. 


By when will the additional coins be given out?

The additional coins will be released on or before end-of-day on June 14, 2023. 



🔎 Read more about the new coin packages below:


Why are you raising your prices?

We are continuously providing support for our content creators on kumu.

This change will allow us to give our creators more product features that will improve their streaming experience–and their supporters more gifting powers.


When will the new prices take effect?

We will introduce the new price in the first week of June, 2023.


Can I continue to receive my products or services at the current price?

Yes. You can continue using your kumu coins and even top up in advance before the price change takes place in June.


Will the value of virtual gifts change, too?

Yes–and this is good news! You’ll have more purchasing power this time.

The price of kumu coins will increase, but the cost of virtual gift will decrease, too, so you can buy more virtual gifts for your favorite streamers.


How will this affect our kumu creators?

Because we’re focused on elevating our kumu creator experience and in providing them better product tools, this change will allow our creators to grow.


Maraming salamat, Kumunizens! 💙


Sheena Jawa