New Year, New Look! Announcing The Golden Tarsier Society’s New Era 🤩

February 6, 2023 | 2 mins read

Get ready for the new era of Golden Tarsier Society! Our Kumunizens have reached a whole new level of dedication for the Pinoy livestreaming community. New look, new levels, and even greater heights to achieve this 2023! Can you rise above the ranks? ✨

What is the Golden Tarsier Society? 

Introducing Kumu’s community of elites. The Golden Tarsier Society tiers reward our most valuable and loyal Kumunizens with exclusive perks & prizes to enjoy in-app. 

Check out our newest and fanciest levels below: 

What can GTS members look forward to? 

Avid gifters and top supporters of Kumu Creators can now be rewarded with exclusive badges and frames displayed on your Kumu profile– a badge of pride for top supporters. For members already part of this program, you will soon see increased levels, an updated look on your profiles, and entrance animations.

More updates and perks will be revealed in the coming weeks, so stick around as we gradually unveil the new wave of GTS.


*Note: First entry is the Prestige class, then goes up to the Majestic class

How can I level up? 

Click here to learn more about how to purchase coins on the Kumu app (available on Google Play and App Store),, and other payment platforms.

Contact to know your current rank status– we’ll get back to you with the percentage estimate of how far along you are to the next level. 

GTS upgrades will begin on February 6, and will gradually reveal more updates in the coming weeks and months. Expect an all-new revamped look at this time! 

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