Got a useless talent? Prove it on “Talentadong Waley” and WIN 1 million pesos

June 10, 2021 | 3 mins read

As the #1 Pinoy livestreaming app, kumu believes that everyone deserves a moment to shine–even if you think you’re talentless. That’s why kumu Social TV wants to give you your spotlight with the hilariously nonsensical “Talentadong Waley: Ang Pinakawalang Kwentang Bidyo”, a special show that highlights the many “useless” talents we have. The call for kumu klips entries has officially begun, and will run from June 10 to 25th, while the official “Talentadong Waley” will have its livestream broadcast beginning June 14, Monday to Friday, 10PM on @kumusocialtv. 

Dubbed the “talentless talent show”, the “Talentadong Waley” is a just-for-laughs entertainment program, with a chance to be an instant millionaire. Rules for entry are simple: Share with us your useless talent in a 15 seconds to 1 minute kumu klips video. This is your official “WALANG KWENTANG BIDYO” entry, feel free to get as creative as you can! Share this kumu klip entry on kumu, and across all social networks under the official hashtag #kumuTalentadongWaley. The more likes, comments and engagements, the better your chance to qualify for the “Talentadong Waley” show. 

Top kumu klips entries will be featured on the “Talentadong Waley” show within the week, and daily winners will advance to the next round of useless talents. And yes, the grand winner of “Talentadong Waley” stands to win 1 million pesos! 

It’s going to be a fun, outrageous show guaranteed to tickle your funny bones, because we all could use some laughs nowadays. There’s plenty of surprises in store at “Talentadong Waley”, which will be hosted by the wacky Nikko Natividad (@nikkodaks) from Seen Zone, known for his addictively funny videos online; plus, the queen of Philippine entertainment Direk Cathy (@direkcathy) herself will be a judge. Other laugh-trip guest judges include Madam Ely from Seen Zone, as well as Alex Calleja and Ahwel Paz from the FYE Channel. 



So remember, just because your talent is useless, doesn’t mean it can’t be worth 1 million pesos! Claim your fame now with “Talentadong Waley”!


 The call for kumu klips entries is open to all Kumunizens, beginning June 10th all the way to June 25th. To see if your “WALANG KWENTANG BIDYO” made it to the next round, be sure to watch “Talentadong Waley” livestream, beginning June 14th, Monday to Friday 10PM, exclusively on @kumusocialtv. 



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