Entertainment: Here’s a peek at the lineup for KUMU’s social tv channel

June 11, 2020 | 3 mins read

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Social media app KUMU geared up for an exciting lineup of new shows to be aired starting this month on the “SPOTLIGHT,” KUMU’s social tv channel.

The live stream channel contains themed time slots will cover a range of topics including health and wellness, hobbies enrichment, pop culture, comedy, and other social subjects that are perfect entertainment alternatives for everyone.

Here’s a peek at the latest daily themed timeslots:

  • Kumurning Vibes — For those who are looking to shed off the pounds and get fit, this daily morning timeslot which airs daily features yoga sessions and health tips from some of the leading fitness and wellness experts in the country who can surely bring you those much-needed good morning vibes.
  • Coach Mo Ko — Whether you need help with your career, self-esteem, spirituality, or practically about anything under the sun, this is your show.
  • KUMUsapan Radio — Taking the traditional radio talk show format and adding a bit of excitement into conversations, this timeslot tackles the latest issues and takes opinions that matter.
  • KUMU Foodies — For those who love food, this timeslot gives you insights and instructionals on anything that’s about food at noontime daily. From nutrition to reviews of the latest food hotspots, KUMU Foodies covers and satisfies your craving for food porn.
  • KUMUchill — With livestream performances where audiences can also participate, this timeslot allows viewers to enjoy shows where they can chill, lip-sync, and watch hosts showcase their virtuoso skills on musical instruments.
  • The Glow Up — The Glow Up lets you in on who’s who in the current fashion scene. Get to pick their brain on what’s really in as the show aims to help everyone get a much-deserved makeover by sharing thoughts on fashion, make-up trends, and tutorials.
  • Happy Home — Being a resourceful homemaker is easy when you subscribe to this show where home hacks, DIYs, and proper housekeeping is the main focus.
  • LOVE GURU — LOVE GURU takes the subject of love in a much broader perspective so that it becomes a home for those whose hearts were broken, or are having some issues with their SOs.
  • O Talk Ku — The timeslot highlights a variety of interests and fan topics that will surely be exciting for those who love sci-fi, tv, film, and even cars because geeks are the new jocks!
  • Fam First — Whether you have a family business or simply want to have some new ideas on how to bond with the kids, the timeslot’s expert hosts will surely help you find more enriching activities with the whole bunch.
  • KUMU Stage — KUMU brings the club scene online with DJ’s and performers doing some live party shows on the KUMU Stage.
  • Show Bees — Show Bees is another show from KUMU for those who are avid followers of today’s online influencers, showbiz personalities, and prominent personalities in pop culture where they can engage with like-minded people.
  • Laff Trip — LOL comedy finally makes its mark on KUMU with this show where anyone who has a funny bone can enjoy or perform stand-up, improv, impersonations, magic, and sketches.

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