Digital: Kumu helps Filipinos Generate Revenue during ECQ with 6 Livestream Shows keeping at least 1,000 Jobs

May 1, 2020 | 4 mins read

Manila, Philippines — As we celebrate Labor Day in the country, we also mourn the loss of jobs due to COVID-19. The Department of Labor and Employment recently estimated the number of displaced Filipino workers at 1.048 Million, and the country’s unemployment rate at 7.5% as of mid-March.

Kumu, a Filipino app start-up backed by companies like Globe TelecomSummit Media, and ABS-CBN, has launched 5 live streaming shows that will provide displaced workers a platform to earn from their skills through the app.

The country’s premier live stream app recently launched their “Kumu Lives Streaming” campaign to help #LivesGoOn amidst the mandated quarantine. “This Labor Day, we’re taking our efforts a notch higher,” says Kumu Founder Roland Ros“We want our app not just to connect people digitally, but also be able to connect Filipino workers and businesses to additional livelihood and revenue in these trying times.”

The Pinoy live streaming app has already been providing livelihoods since its inception in 2018, Ros says. “Ever since Kumu was founded, we’ve been able to help hundreds of full-time live streamers generate steady–if not generous–income from hosting shows on our app. Now, during the pandemic, we want to extend it to Filipinos who might need it the most.”

In celebration of Labor Day, Kumu is announcing its 6-show lineup that aims to help at least 1,000 restaurant owners, repairmen, musicians, artists, and tutors revive their livelihood.

Ayos Ba?

This is a live repair consultation show for those with broken items or appliances at home! Here, you can learn how to do some basic repairs with the help of our ex- perts, or book repair services for more complicated appliances.

Kumu partnered up with tech start-up Teko, an online service that connects home appliance owners to vetted technicians, so that they can avail themselves of repair services in-app.

Applications are being accepted from mechanics, handymen, plumbers, and other repair or installation experts who wish to earn by sharing their knowledge with homeowners in need! Click this link to be one of the hosts of ‘Ayos Ba?’:

Pitch Your Dish

Here, restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs will be given a channel to promote their cook-at-home and frozen meals by teaching viewers the best way to prepare them at home. Coupled with Kumu’s built-in e-commerce feature, the audience can order dishes instantly via the app during the restaurants’ live shows!

Mercato Centrale, the country’s biggest and premier night food market operator since 2010, has already committed to join the show with their wide roster of food vendors.

If you’re a restaurant owner who wishes to promote their meal offerings on Kumu, click the link and Pitch Your Dish:

No Strings Attached

Trying to learn a new instrument during lockdown? Now, you can get a live tutorial from musicians on “No Strings Attached!” And with Kumu’s live streaming features, the audience and the musician host can easily interact during the lesson for a fun and engaging experience.

Are you a musician with the knowledge and skills to teach a live audience? Regis- ter now to hold live lessons–and earn:

Brush Hour

With rush hour no longer being a thing because of the lockdown, Kumu created “Brush Hour,” a show where you can learn and hone your art skills! Tune in live to get in-depth lessons from artists of different disciplines and styles.

For artists who wish to share their knowledge and skills to earn, you may register here:

Kumu Gurus

Leave the online classes to video conferencing sites with “Kumu Gurus,” you can learn about interesting topics like foreign languages, Mobile Legends hacks, how to save, and any topic under the sun! The best part is that viewers can interact, send gifts, and co-host with their featured Kumu Guru.

Tutors or experts of any subject matter who believe in non-conventional ways of teaching can can earn from teaching live on “Kumu Gurus.” If you have an in- teresting topic to teach, register and be a Kumu Guru now at:!


Kumusikahan gives gigless musicians a platform to reach out to new listeners and gain new fans by engaging with Kumu’s loyal fan base! The app’s interactive features even enables viewers to show their support through comments, hearts, and virtual gifts.

If you wish to perform your music live and earn, register now and be a part of Kumusikahan:

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