Digital: ‘King of Talk’ Boy Abunda joins kumu live stream community this October

October 26, 2020 | 5 mins read

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Digital communication is more active than ever before. Thanks to the internet, everyone has fast and easy access to information on what interests them from news to entertainment. Now, thanks to one of the more recent digital collaborations to happen in the country, the Philippines’ ‘King of Talk’ Mr. Boy Abunda is all set to share his brand of journalism to online users. His latest offering Best Talk as presented by Cinema One is heading to the Kapamilya digital channel FYE (For Your Entertainment @fyechannel), and the country’s fastest-rising social media app kumu.

Airing its pilot episode on October 24, Saturday, via the Cinema One cable channel, the Best Talk show will also simultaneously stream live over kumu, and the Cinema One Facebook page and YouTube channel. Other premium programs on Cinema One on FYE include Ambagets and PopCinema.

Through multiple platforms, audiences will get to watch Tito Boy share his knowledge on how public communication works while giving some insights on modern media practices.  There’s no doubt how the seasoned journalist has time and again proved his mettle when it comes to bringing out the important issues in the most entertaining fashion. This time, he’s ready to share his flair.

“When I studied the market profile of kumu, I felt that I was not fit for it initially,” the famous media master revealed. “But eventually, we continued to talk with kumu’s co-founder and head of programming Angelo Mendez together with his team and I realized that the platform is not just what I used to see. It’s now versatile, broad, and willing to do a material that’s a fit to my brand. Angelo and [his] company know what they’re doing.”

Tito Boy adds, “[The people at kumu] know their place under the digital sun. What separates kumu to my mind is that it premises itself around the very Pinoy kumu staff which is the heart of intrapersonal relationships and that’s a good start. I got more interested in their willingness to find a way to fit me into the platform.”

While the Best Talk on kumu is absolutely perfect for aspiring live streamers, who want to make a career as multimedia influencers, it will also give audiences interesting tips on how today’s media works and how to handle publicity in general. Tito Boy will be joined in by featured guests each episode to share their thoughts on various topics.

“I’m excited because I’m going into something that’s uncertain– a dark room filled with laughter and fun, meet new friends and people, and interact with a different age bracket. That excites me,” he said. “My platform is going to allow me to share what I know and communicate with young people without having to oversimplify things or disregard people because we’ve been ahead of the younger generations,”

When asked what his audiences can expect from his masterclasses, Tito Boy has this to share: “There’s going to be a lot of listening, we have plans and guides on the episodes– but what I know is I’m going to have fun. I don’t want to say I’m going to teach because that’s going to be boring. It’s going to be a journey together with simple questions we all want to listen to and answer. I would know when to turn left, right, or forward depending on how people are going to react,” he added.

With kumu initially ordering 10 episodes of Best Talk, kumu audience and live streamers can also get the chance to join the campaign by collecting the Boy Abunda virtual gifts for the two-week window which will start after the pilot episode on October 24. Nine winning live streamers will then get the chance to be interviewed in one of Tito Boy’s most prominent segments Fast Talk during one of the episodes, plus a private masterclass from the ‘King of Talk’.

The collaboration that brings together the media capabilities of FYE, Cinema One, and kumu is truly a step in the right direction when it comes to establishing educational platforms, both on and offline. With a wider audience reach thanks to three media and digital movers, more audiences can now learn a lot about personality development, proper branding, effective communication, and career productivity straight from Tito Boy’s perspective and level of expertise.

“In general, we teachers should really pay attention to these new platforms because this is where you find the learners and students,” said Tito Boy. “There is no other way but to embrace the new media. As a media practitioner, host, and interviewer, we have to go through all of these platforms to experience it. I don’t want people to turn off on social media because that’s where everything is. Let’s just guide our students to discern what is right and what is wrong,” he concluded.

Catch the pilot episode of Tito Boy’s Best Talk masterclass on kumu, FYE, and simul on the Cinema One Facebook Page, and C1 YouTube channel starting October 24, Saturday at 9PM.

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