Dads in the Kumunity: KC Montero and James Rumohr share their experience for Father’s Day

June 17, 2021 | 5 mins read

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. Parenting in this time has been exceptionally challenging, with the stresses of facing an uncertain future while protecting and providing for one’s growing family. Fortunately, a lot of dads have become figures of calm and stability in the household. As a special tribute to all the dads out there in the Kumunity, we tapped our kumu leader dads KC Montero, VP of Content, and James Rumohr, Chief of Staff, to share their stories on this special kumu Father’s Day celebration. 

On June 19, Saturday,  7:30AM, the two kumu dads are set to stream their “Father’s Day Shawarawt” show on the Kumunity Stage (@kumunitystage). Eager fans, followers and curious Kumunizens can surely ask them in real-time any questions about fatherhood and their kumu journey. But before the exciting livestream opportunity, here are some insights to bring us up to speed. 

James Rumohr, and KC Montero

Actor, host and kumu executive KC has been a dad for a good 6 months. He’s been reveling in the excitement and wonder as a first-time parent. “There’s no manual to taking care of your baby and we’re learning as we go. We’re just a few months into it, but so far, so good!” he beams. The adjustment to parenthood has been admittedly tough, he reveals, but it’s been worthwhile as he’s loving every minute with his son.  


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Since starting his family, KC shares that fatherhood has forced him to re-evaluate his priorities – and understandably so. Though his current schedule is still packed, with hosting stints and responsibilities as VP for kumu, he has found a renewed focus and purpose in life. And this is to make sure that, “I provide for my family. My job in life is to make sure that my son is safe and that my wife is safe. I am no longer working for myself; I’m working for the small family that I have,” he says proudly. 

James agrees with KC on how fatherhood has brought greater responsibility and focus to one’s true purpose in life. Everything just becomes clearer when you become a father. 

Hoping to build a better life for his family, James and his wife, along with their two-year-old son, moved from Silicon Valley, California to Manila a few years ago. This is because James also wanted to be more hands-on in kumu; and in many ways, the way James runs and interacts in the Kumunity is very “dad-like”. From the jokes, to the encouraging gestures, the booming laugh and kind words he openly shares, James is easily one of the most loved figures within the kumu app. 

Balancing kumu and parenthood as a first-time dad has been challenging, he admits. But the title of “Dad” is one he proudly and wholly embraces. “I realized that I needed to work twice as hard to ensure that my family will be taken care of in such a way that my son won’t experience the same hardships I faced.”

When it comes to achieving that fine balance between work and home life, James has this to share: “Just like any other job, there are times that my schedule is very busy. But I do my best every day to ensure that I have time for my personal hobbies, such as live streaming and also spending time with my family in between meetings, since we meet virtually at home.”


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Your life, indeed, opens up to richer, grander experiences with parenthood. It’s truly eye-opening and the love you discover is profound. These two kumu leaders wholeheartedly agree. 

My message for all the dads out there is to give your kids a healthy and positive structure,” says James.  “And also give them the room and freedom to be creative, so they can learn to be themselves.”  

And for KC, he has a special shout out to dads and soon-to-be dads: “As soon as you have a baby, your life will definitely change. It’s the best thing ever!”

kumu salutes all the loving, hard working dads within our Kumunity. Truly, they are one of the most inspiring voices, streamers and content creators in our world. They may not talk about their struggles or stories as fathers all the time; but when given the proper opportunity, like today, there is sure to be priceless lessons and wisdom to be had. 

Happy Father’s Day, Kumunizens! 


Catch KC Montero and James Rumohr on their special Father’s Day show, “Father’s Day Shawarawt” on June 19, Saturday, 7:30AM on the Kumunity Stage (@kumunitystage). 



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