February 17, 2021 | 4 mins read

It’s just been a little over five short months since Kimpoy Feliciano (@kimpoyfeliciano) joined kumu, and he’s already reaping the joys and rewards of being part of the greater livestreaming Kumunity.

The 28 year-old social media star had first dabbled in vlogging on another platform, which opened his eyes to the greater possibilities of content creation. Now as an artist and actor, he is flexing his talents and creativity on kumu as a live streamer. “I feel very blessed. Being able to document and record special moments in my life is what really drives and inspires me to create more,” shares Kimpoy. From his travels to his family bondings, personal milestones, to crazy life decisions, he dares to share it all.

Now on kumu, Kimpoy is reaching a wider global audience on his channel. More than just fans and followers, he has found family and Kumunity on the livestreaming app. “My relationship with my followers is like family. I always make sure that they’re part of everything I do. Spending time with them is really important to me and I love hearing their stories about how I get to inspire and touch their lives.”

As he’s had experience being on other social media channels, Kimpoy shares the unique advantage of kumu: “kumu gave me a deeper and more intimate connection with my followers, which is not possible on other public platforms. I get to talk to them as if we’re together, and they get to know me on a more personal level, making our relationship even stronger.” On kumu and the livestreams, audiences and hosts have the opportunity to engage in real-time, in one space.

“When you decide to join kumu, your influence is far-reaching. You get to connect with fellow streamers, introduce yourself to known artists in the industry, and attract new audiences. The possibilities are endless!” he exclaims.

“Never in my life had I imagined that I would become a streamer; but kumu happened. I just enjoy everything, while it’s still there. For those interested in joining the Kumunity, just start it. Do it. And don’t forget to have fun!” he ends.

No doubt the dreamy streamer has many fans and admirers; and honestly, the Kumunity totally gets it! That’s why we’ve orchestrated this amazing campaign “Oh Boy, Kimpoy!” to make some of your Kimpoy dreams come true! That’s right, some lucky fan streamers out there can get their ultimate wish to meet Kimpoy virtually!


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Catch a date with this cutie by taking part in the Oh Boy Kimpoy! Campaign this February 12 to 24, 2021. Collect Hearts, Pacute, Date and Kimpoy virtual gifts to get the chance to meet Kimpoy up-close and personal.

Ten lucky winners will be chosen. One member will win a one-hour virtual date with Kimpoy and a special curated Date-in-a-Box worth P20,000, plus exclusive Shopkumu merchandise. In addition, two lucky participants will receive a personal love letter from Kimpoy and a preserved rose, along with exclusive Shopkumu merchandise. And finally, seven other happy Kumunizens will receive a Rose Crystal Box.

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