Campaign 101: How To Win At kumu Campaigns

March 1, 2021 | 3 mins read

At kumu, we want to make sure you get the most out of your livestream moments. That’s why going live may also mean winning some awesome perks, prizes and bragging rights; this is where kumu campaigns come into play, because we want you to feel proud about being authentic. 

As much as possible, we want everyone to have the chance to win a campaign. So, have you ever wondered how kumu campaign hustlers are topping the leaderboards? We are now revealing the top trade secrets to climbing up the ranks!


Your talent (or hobby) can be your  ticket to success!

Play your strengths! The Kumunity is all about seeing each other’s unique talents. 

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Try to go live everyday! 

Creating new habits can be rewarding! kumu definitely has their eyes on regular streamers. 




Connections are your best investment.

Never underestimate the power of authentic connections! The more you go live, the more followers and viewers

will find you. 



Goals and priorities matter! 

We love a go-getter! Say what you want, and how your viewers can help. 



Give yourself some love! 

No limit to self-promotion here on kumu. We always want you to feel your best! 


Team bonding with friends can go a long way! 

You don’t have to do it alone! Call in your friends to show some love as you go live.


Go on and try these hacks! Next thing you’ll know, you’re already hitting the charts like a campaign hustler. But don’t forget, just have fun with it! There’s always a chance to win at kumu, especially since we release campaigns all the time! 

Want to try one now? Check out the campaign tab on the kumu app now and join a campaign today!


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