Another KUMU first — Favor Church’s live Sunday services to be streamed online

March 15, 2020 | 3 mins read

In the Philippines, KUMU is one app that fosters inclusivity and promotes a community of positive individuals. And with the app’s recent partnership with Favor Church, the faith and hopes of those who are lost can now be restored online.

Starting this March, the Favor Church community will be streaming all five of its scheduled Sunday services live via KUMU. Users can now attend the services online and send virtual gifts which will all go to the church.

Established in October 2015 by senior pastors and couple James and Kate Aiton, Favor Church started out as a small community that gathers for prayer meetings inside a small condo unit. After a year, the community multiplied into a full-fledged church family with one mission in mind: To know God and make Him famous.

For Aussies James, Kate and their daughter Hope, evangelizing their members about the presence of God and the importance of discipleship to Jesus has become their lives’ advocacy. Fortunately for Filipinos, the two have made a special place in their hearts for the country when they decided to perform their missionary activities in the country several years ago.

“As a community, we are excited to partner with KUMU to bring our church experience to the world through this amazing app. Kumu has such a positive and uplifiting social family that we believe it’s the perfect fit for our message of hope,” says Pastor James. “This will make church services and content accessible to those who would never have the ability to step through our doors, and for us to reach and help many people. You’ve never seen church done like this before!”

Today, Favor Church works with a ‘come as you are’ approach by welcoming folks from all walks of life to their church, from well-to-do families to social pariahs, and sharing the experience of sincere worship and heeding God’s call.

“KUMU’s partnership with Favor Church comes in a very appropriate time when everyone is encouraged to practice social distancing,” says Mica Pineda, Kumu’s head of campaigns. “KUMU is thrilled to be Favor’s online platform in making church more accessible to its members and reaching other users globally in spreading hope and the gospel.”

Since Favor Church’s type of inclusive community goes in line with that of KUMU’s, the Pinoy-centric app has partnered with the church to spread the Word online in the hopes of reaching out to more Filipinos both locally and abroad.

KUMU is a powerful social media platform that brings the voices of Filipinos from all over the globe at the forefront. Aside from presenting users real-time earning opportunities as a live streamer, chances to win cash in various game shows, and engagement in campaigns, KUMU also fosters communities that ignite relevant discussions among Filipinos.

Be part of the Kumunity now and download the app for free at Google Play or the App Store.


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