10 Companies who Embrace Kumu and Engage the World

July 8, 2019 | 6 mins read

What’s intriguing about Kumu is that isn’t just celebrities or individuals who use the platform to share the real-time events of their lives. More and more companies and businesses are using Kumu to engage with their market and expand their reach through the regional landscape.

What makes live streaming so attractive to these companies?

One reason is that the medium offers a way to communicate that is raw and transparent. In the world of fake news and highly edited content, the live and unpolished view into the world of the company builds trust among audiences due to its authenticity. It has the potential to connect brands with consumers in ways that other channels cannot.

In addition, it also offers a sense of immediacy, through which audiences and businesses feel like they engage with each other in real-time, and so the distance between the two is lessened. It gives a chance for people to connect on a deeper level, for companies to communicate on a more human and visible plane, and for businesses to expand their client base without shelling out exorbitant amounts of money.

Promoting deals, holding seminars and events, and sharing the latest news are just some of the ways they use the medium.

Here are ten companies who have embraced the Kumu platform and are using it to engage the world.

1. Grab


A ride hailing giant in Southeast Asia, Grab has you covered with all of your transportation needs. From taxis and private car transport to food and merchandise delivery, everything is at your fingertips through the Grab app. With car tracking, convenience options, and an ever expanding fleet of cars, moving around the metro has never been so easy. Stay tuned to their collaborations with Kumu in which you can win special offers and prizes from their company.

Web: https://www.grab.com/ph/

A local platform whose mission is to support Filipino startups, QBO offers programs and services geared to helping startups grow and thrive in a competitive climate. It fosters cooperation and networking and offers consulting and incubation services. Watch out for more illuminating livestreams on the latest and greatest in the startup industry through their coverage of their regular events.

Kumu: @qbophilippines

3. Selvarey Rum

Filipinos love their rum, but what about a rum that has Bruno Mars’ seal of approval? Selvarey rum, meaning “Jungle King” in Spanish, is a fine rum crafted in Panama by Francisco Hernandez who distills from the jungles of Panama. With Bruno Mars’ help and passion, they shared their secret creation with the world. Check out their collaborations with other channels to win prizes and other giveaways.

Kumu: @selvareyrum

4. Cosmo

Cosmopolitan is one of the leading women’s magazines in the world. With topics such as news, entertainment, beauty, style, health, relationships, and lifestyle, it covers various aspects of being a woman in the world of today. Stay tuned to their channel on Kumu to be updated with the latest opinions, views, and news.

Kumu: @cosmoph

5. StyleGenie

StyleGenie prides itself on being the first styling and clothing subscription in the country. It’s just like Netflix, but for clothes. For a subscription fee, you can get a new set of clothes every single month that is custom-tailored to meet your needs and express who you are. Follow them on Kumu for their latest fashion tips and advice.

Kumu: @stylegenieph

6. Taxumo

Taxumo is an online platform that makes tax compliance a walk in the park. They specialize in streamlining and simplifying business income and expense tax payments and offer flexible plans to meet your every need. Look for them on Kumu to stay updated with their unique insights and tips on all your accounting and finance needs.

Kumu: @taxumo

7. Manila Workshops

A company that specializes in helping you succeed, Manila Workshops organizes workshops and events spanning various industries that empower and support people in honing their skills in their respective fields. Their advocacy is to promote the entrepreneurial culture in the country so everyone can make an impact. Look out for select events and workshops that they stream on their channel.

Kumu: @manilaworkshops

8. Snippet Media

If you’re tired of the information overload that all the social media sites, news pages, and blogs bombard us with every day, Snippet Media is about to make your life much easier. This Makati-based company offers a newsfeed of stories, blogs, and videos that are specifically catered to you. Their goal is simple: to find the stories that matter to you so you don’t have to. Watch out for their content highlighting current happenings both local and abroad.

web: snippetmedia.com

9. Esquire

One of the top men’s publications in the world, Esquire is overflowing with interesting articles and content about what it means to be a man today. With topics spanning the fields of culture, food and drink, cars, money, politics, and life, there is always an engaging read awaiting you at every turn. Catch their latest and greatest ideas through Kumu.


10. Cebu Pacific

One of the top airlines in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific is your choice for accessible, affordable flights both on the local and regional levels. Stay on Kumu for rewards and giveaways to send you on your next Cebu Pacific getaway.

web: cebupacificair.com


11. Delivery Guy

Delivery Guy is a food delivery app that streamlines all of the hullabaloos that can come from trying to order food in the country. With live tracking and diverse payment options regarding your order, Delivery Guy transforms food delivery to the way it should be. Keep an eye out for their presence on Kumu to win prizes or learn more about what they are doing to revolutionize the industry.

web: deliveryguy.ph

12. Team Manila

Team Manila is a rapidly growing graphic design studio that currently has twelve locations across Luzon. Specializing in design that is relevant and that speaks to the modern lifestyle, Team Manila is here to stay. Stay tuned to Kumu to learn about their latest creations and to win other prizes.

web: teammanilalifestyle.com



Sheena Jawa